Monday, June 11, 2012

Studio: cork board

In the past, the desk area of my office had some metal file folders, which really weren't working. So instead I put up a large piece of cork (28"x90") and got some desktop file holders. In the back of my mind I thought I was going to mess up the cork with contact cement, so the cork was sitting in my office for a long time, but it's finally done!

The how to: I bought two large rolls of cork, placed them flat on a plastic sheet. Rolled on contact cement with a foam roller and sandwitched them together. Used a rubber roller and pressed down hard to make sure it adhered. Cut the cork to the exact wall space using a box cutter. Then using carpet adhesive, spread on a thin amount on the wall and some onto the cork. Lastly used the rubber roller again and my hands to make sure it stuck to the wall.

Enjoying all the empty space before it's filled with notes and inspiration, so I made a pushpin, yarn sculpture!

1 comment:

Jeanee Ledoux said...

I love the yarn sculpture! I'd never want to tack anything else up there.