Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fireplace insert details

Japanese brown patina

Here is a more detailed image of what it will look like, got my husband Al to take charge of the technical drawing stuff. My sketches always look wonky, thank goodness someone around here can draw things in perspective.

Ok, so I like the japanese brown and the black and I even like the copper. The black to me seems like the safe route and I want this to be a unique looking fireplace. This house has a lot of interesting brass and wrought iron elements so I want this to be special. Guess I'm gonna be the annoying customer and ask for metal samples, I need more than just pictures.

Also still not liking the handle they chose for us, would love to recreate the hardware on the hallway closets. I think the standard handle is ugly for safety reasons. Will look into it.

Hallway closet handles
Front door hardware

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Kaminkassette said...

Hey, No doubt the handle looks old but seems to be nice. Thanks for sharing its pictures.