Monday, July 16, 2012


A few months ago I got a request from Lynn the over at Miss Stash Would, for permission to use my art: home is where the heart is to model a quilt block after, (for personal use of course). It came out great!

Argh I so wish I could quilt! I tried so many times when I was younger, things just worked better when I used construction paper and glue. :P


teresa said...

It's great and fun in both the paper and fabric versions.

You might try and give quilting another chance. ;)

onthedesignlane said...

I agree these look so adorable on fabrics...i am soon going to give a try!!

sally said...

I have that print at home, framed & hanging. I really like the quilted version. How fun.

Lynne said...

Thanks so much, again, for your generous permission to use your work as the inspiration. Not everyone would have been as gracious, I suspect. You're the best!

And, the quilt turned out great! Looking forward to some mod-century fabric here, soon. Best of luck with the new line! :)