Sunday, September 9, 2012


I've been listing my new fabrics in my Etsy shop! I still have more to add, but most of it is up there. Take a look!

At first I wasn't gonna sell any of it - just wanted to hoard it all, sew pillows and make cute little things. BUT... after blabbing about this fabric on Twitter and Facebook I started hearing more and more people asking when it would be for sale in my shop, so I just had to change my tune. Besides, I'm just so proud of this line, I want to show it off to the world! I hope the collection will be successful enough that I can do more of these designs in the future. I currently do a lot of children themed stuff, but my real passion are these kinds of abstract patterns. Sending out good vibes that this will be one of many collections to come. Also the fabulous Brini Maxwell said "@jenn_ski Love your new fabrics! They're ever so chic...". Loved hearing this!

Lastly, if anyone needs to place a large order, let me know. I have a few people requesting more fabric than I have on hand, so I'm going to get extra.


beth lehman said...

jenn - i love these prints!! i love your kids prints, but it's your modern prints i really love!

ElisabethB said...

Hello , I just discovered your fabrics and your nice designs. I love them !! I keep carefully your Etsy Shop in my mind.
Elisabeth from France

vanny said...

Love the town and the prints

Anonymous said...

The prints just make you smile!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you fabric. My mind starts thinking of things to make with them right away.
Thanks for sharing!