Monday, September 24, 2012

The wall

My mother-n-law who just bought a home was looking for decorating ideas on and came across a picture of my home. I think a few of you have seen it, it's the wall that divides the entry way and the diningroom. Well after finding the image it made me realize I need to take another one and show you the changes I've made since then.

I've made a lot changes that I like, but I'm not sure photograph so well. In person these new things look so much better. First off I got rid of those two white chairs. They looked cute in photographs but were very very wobbly and had that "I found them in a dumpster" vibe up close.

Other changes:
Picked up a Room and Board look-alike chair from HomeGoods.
A John-Paul Philippé art rug from West Elm.
Made new custom floating shelves
Accent wire table from Target

In this last photo I rolled up the carpet to protect it. Very soon we will have the new fireplace insert installed. Hope to test this sucker out tonight!


Vintage Hunter said...

Love the changes! Looks like a very cozy nook.

Jenn Ski said...