Monday, December 3, 2012


I love my aluminum tree again! I got it years ago from someone on Craigslist for $25 (back when I used to find treasures on CL). I never found a color wheel for it and because it lacked light of any kind I started to use it less and less over the years. A tree without light is a bit boring.

Not sure if it's all the caffeine I've been consuming or the fact that I broke my computer and have more time on my hands I decided to spray paint a string of lights. Now that the cording is silver it blends right into the tree. I used some blue tape to cover the bulbs before I painted. I bet a string of lights and a color wheel would look fab.


Debbie Qalballah said...

Oh that's a classy looking tree. Know of anywhere that sells retro decorations?

Jenn Ski said...

I would just look on Etsy.
I mostly find mine at flea markets.

Deborah Yokum said...

Your tree is beautiful, but I always thought that electric lights on an aluminum tree was a no no.
Thanks for your blog and your fantastic art.

veg-o-matic said...

I think it's considered dangerous to put lights on an aluminum tree.

From ehow: "Never, never, never use strings of electric lights on your aluminum tree. In theory, an electrical problem with the lights could electrify the whole tree, creating a very dangerous situation."

Jenn Ski said...

yeah I know I've been hearing from others that it's a no no. I work from home and i unplug the lights at night. Good thing my house made of cinderblocks, lol.

Unknown said...

I am obsessed in finding an aluminum tree. I can't believe you found one of CL for a steal! Lucky you! :) What size is yours 4ft? I've seen some color whels on etsy and eBay if you we're still interested in one.

Anonymous said...

Better late than never:

p.s. Love your new work you posted on FB 2/2/13.