Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hello, hello new year!

Hey everyone, I've had an exciting past few months. First off I dropped my laptop and destroyed the poor thing and had to get my hard drive recovered. There were a few weeks where I thought I could have lost everything! Luckily I have it all back, thank goodness!

Ok lets talk about some good news. A pattern of mine is set to cover the new January issue of Flow magazine! I think there may even be an illustration of mine in there too.

Flow is a magazine for paper lovers. Flow is all about positive psychology, crafting, mindfulness, and not being perfect. We do so by presenting attractive stories around the themes simplify your life, feel connected, live mindfully, and spoil yourself. Each issue is printed on a special assortment of paper and contains creative inserts, such as coloring in pictures, special notebooks, and handy calendars.

I also have a really cool project in the works and I want to tell you all but I'm forced to stay zipped. Argh! I'm such an impatient person. Hopefully soon I will be able to spill the beans.


Laurel Lee Pollard said...

Oh, YES! I hope you're doing paper! Please, please! Love your designs! {Excited} to hear about Flow. New lead for me ~ Laurel Lee Pollard, New England Paper Crafts www.NewEnglandPaperCrafts.com www.facebook.com/NEPaperCrafts twitter.com/NEPaperCrafts

Never Listless Laura said...

That pattern is awesome! congratulations!