Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cabana Bay - New retro styled hotel in the works

Universal Orlando has announced plans to build a new retro themed resort hotel called the Cabana Bay Beach Resort, which is to be completed by 2014.

I just love the look of this place, the image above almost looks like a vintage postcard. I will so be staying there in the future! Can you imagine how fun the rooms will be!

So currently it's still being built and won't be opening until next year. The new hotel will be operated by Loews Hotels & Resorts and feature both moderate and value-level accommodations in the forms of family suites and standard rooms. Artwork released by Universal Orlando shows a glimpse at what the Cabana Bay Beach Resort will look like, featuring a sleek ’50s style across its lobby, pool, and rooms. Across multiple buildings, Cabana Bay beach resort will include a total of 1,800 rooms: 900 family suites, capable of sleeping six, that include kitchen areas and 900 standard guest rooms

Omg, check out this room sketch below! I later found an example of what the room will actually look like, how cool!


Mod Betty / said...

SO excited for you, lady! That is awesome. The place looks super cool and will look even better with your artwork hanging there.

Will there be opportunities for people who are staying in the rooms to find out that you did the art - if they want to buy copies or see your other artwork? That would be so cool if your stuff was in the gift shop, I know if I stayed there I'd love to get a copy of the painting that was in my room - it would remind me of the fun time I had there!

Definitely a Retro Roadmap worthy place to check out - thanks and congrats again!

Jenn Ski said...

Wow beth that is a really cool idea, mini art key chains! I know that they will have other merchandise, like cups and beach balls.

Gina Perry said...

I would totally stay there too - so retro-mod-fabulous! Congrats again, Jenn!

MoonDoggie said...

This is so exciting!

I've often dreamed about being in one of those vintage postcard scenes and now I can be! :)