Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shopping on the brain

Mod Cloth, Optical Delight Top 
Mod Cloth, Just like honey heel

I've been getting my fit on and I've lost a bunch of weight, wahoo for me! So I have been organizing my closet and getting rid of oversized clothes and things I just I don't wear anymore, most of it has been donated by now.

So now comes the fun part of buying some new threads! I'm taking my time and only buying really unique pieces and things I just love. Found a bunch of dresses at Mod Cloth but the grand total was getting a bit high so I just decided on the mustard heels and the zigzag top, which I can't wait to wear with leggings. I'm still on the hunt for a new purse and a new fall coat.

I'm really having fun looking for clothes! As someone who would never shop for herself I'm in need of some help. Does anyone know of any places where I can purchase some gems? I have found a few picks on Etsy, this red dress which I am in love with. It will look great with those honey heels! So any links will be helpful, thanks!


Elizabeth said...

Check out Shabby Apple- online women's clothing store with retro styling...

Jenn Ski said...

thanks Elizabeth!