Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thrive Furniture

Everything in this store is soo drool worthy! 

I had seen an advert for in a magazine and well I'm so glad I looked them up, loving all the furniture. If I ever get new sofas in the future it will be from Thrive! 

FYI there is a showroom in L.A., if anyone goes let me know how they look and feel up close!


Jennifer said...

<3 I would loooove to have just about anything from Thrive. New living room set? Yes please!

Anonymous said...

I bought one of there chairs and they are worth every penny. People complain us on it all the time. Good quality and service.

Suzanne said...

We have 2 of the Taylor loveseats. We live in MA & bought them on good faith after seeing the ads in Atomic Ranch & researching them online. The only tangible thing we had before they were delivered were the fabric swatches. We took the leap & they are great. They are called loveseats but feel more like a full sofa. The quality is very good & the price for the 2 was what we were considering spending on 1 sofa from DWR. The shipping was free & they're made in the USA... what's not to like? Would absolutely recommend.