Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tips for finding treasures

I used to love hitting up the thrift stores but then every time I'd go it would just be junk. So I got discouraged, felt like it was a waste of time and stopped going. Then until recently I started going about 1- 2 times a week hitting about 2 or 3 stores at a time and I've been finding more things. You forget people are dropping off stuff everyday. Frequent visits will help you see how the store cycles out items. You learn how often the staff replenishes merchandise and on what days. 

Also if you plan on selling your finds buy things that you love. Cause if you love them so will someone else.

Today I found a vase marked Germany, a metal nail horse sculpture and a cute turtle rocker. I planned on selling all these items in my booth, but that vase and sculpture are looking really good on my sideboard. I think I will hoard them for now, hee hee.


llavmc said...

I love that Stitched in Color bundle

Jenn Ski said...

stitched in color bundle??