Monday, March 3, 2014

Making Jello cool again

So many people hate Jello, I guess I understand. It's squishy and weird, and then it's feed to you when you're sick in the hospital, yuck!

When I was a kid my grandfather always made Jello. It was always some sort of red jello filled with berries, I still make it today I just use sugar free jello instead. It's not something I crave but when I'm looking for a low calorie desert it's my go to.

Recently I saw a BuzzFeed food list that was called 7 Vintage Foods That Are Surprisingly Delicious and it was all Jello deserts. The one that actually got me to drool a bit was the 21st-Century Green Top Salad (pictured below). It contains sweetened condensed milk, lime juice, greek yogurt, pineapple, marshmallow, cream and cream cheese. On a hot day enjoying a barbecue this seems like bliss. Click here to check out the other Jello recipes.

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