Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cabana Bay - Bathroom Details

Someone who was lucky enough to check out the new Cabana Bay resort took a bunch of pictures of well everything this place has to offer. The one picture I fell in love with was of the mini shampoo and soap packaging. I took classes in package design back in college so I'm super dying to get my hands on these, very glad they paid attention to all the small details. I know If I go I won't even use any of this stuff and will just save it all like the hoarder that I am.

Click here to check out all the pictures. Thanks Beth (From RetroRoadMap.com) for letting me know these pictures exist and thanks to jcrouse for taking them!

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Mod Betty / RetroRoadmap.com said...

OMG I know that was one of my fave details as well! Love it when people pay attention, even to that level of minutae :-)