Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kitchen Updates!

It took us forever but we finally finished puting up the Island Stone Palms tile, Wahoo! Also last night my husband cut the walnut molding for the window. It's looking pretty spiffy in here!

The last thing we need to do is get some lacquered white floating shelves (see last picture). It totally scares us to drill through these tiles and if something scares us it usually takes us a few months to get the courage to tackle something.  Hopefully since this is one of the very last things on our to do list we will get it done soon...ish.

Photoshopped floating shelves 


Kate B said...

I was equally freaked out when it was time to drill holes in my newly installed pink bathroom wall tile. I had to put up the tp holder, towel bar and towel hoop. That meant 10 holes! I was shaking the whole time! Just measure 8 times and drill once!!!!!! ;) Good luck!

Jenn Ski said...

haha thanks Kate