Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kitchen I will complete you!

So I like scoring things on Craiglist, well at least I used to back in the day. I guess once your house is filled with so much stuff you kind of stop looking for more stuff, and also it seemed like I was finding less and less treasures since moving away from the city.

There are still good things to be found, I got those stools off there years ago, and just recently got a used piece of glass for my table. I was quoted $400 for a glass top with a 3/4 thickness, which was way over my budget, so I looked for used glass tops and coffee tables and scored one for $35! BUT now seeing it in the space it seems a bit too small, still going to look for something a bit wider. 

Ok so more info on that moving gif up there. I photoshopped in one of my wallpaper designs into my kitchen, so you can see what I'm about to attempt. I ordered two rolls of my Tiki Tok wallpaper pattern from Spoonflower, I have ordered wallpaper samples from them in the past and was actually really impressed with the quality. Now I just have to sit here patiently waiting for Spoonflower to print and mail them to me. So excited!!

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Mod Betty / said...

I know what you mean about the "having so much stuff you don't look anymore" - we're in a Curating mode at the Hacienda now, trying to figure out what we want to keep and what we want to get rid of.

Digging the new direction for you in wallpaper and fabrics! My dress was a big hit in Palm Springs - and I wore it on Easter much to the chagrin of the staid New Englanders at brunch, now my eyes are turning towards the Hukilau- will keep you posted if I'll be needing a tiki frock from one of your fab fabrics!

Jenn Ski said...

I think many MCM collectors tend to be hoarders, lol. If my husband didn't yell at me my house would be even more packed with stuff!

The dress came out amazing!