Monday, October 29, 2007

Retro Renovation

I love this picture of Pam's kitchen, I'm drooling. I wrote about her kitchen back in July and it looks even better now. Pam also has a new updated retro blog about 1950's renovations. Check it out!

I want linoleum floors in my future kitchen!!

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50s Pam said...

Hi Jenn! Thanks so much for featuring my kitchen and mentioning my site. It's a lot of fun and very contageous! I love your flooring choice. Note, though, that you're talking "Vinyl Composite Tile," not "Linoleum." VCT was very popular mid-century - even more so than lineoleum, which was more typical for earlier decades. I have VCT in my kitchen, and it looks great. If/when you get it, install the tiles at 90-degrees to each other. Watch for my post about your site - soon!