Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jenn Ski the Craigslist hunter!

I picked up these cool white chairs last weekend, I can't wait to make some cute pillows for them! Now I'm on the hunt for a cute side table to stick in the middle.


Thanks to Robyn of www.modmaison.blogspot.com I found the perferct small table. It's the Trumpet Table from Target for $24.99. Its very small, and perfect! (15.75 Diameter x 21H")


Leah said...

Those chairs are awesome! Any idea who made them?

Jenn Ski said...

when I looked briefly I couldn't see any markings. I wish I could find out more about them :(

orange you lucky! said...

These are awesome! They fit in great!

modmaison said...


I picked up one of these trumpet tables at target yesterday for $19! It's small cute and functional. I think it would match those chairs great. (and it is mod looking). - robyn

Jenn Ski said...

wow i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Once again, one of your Craigslist finds has invoked a jealous rage within me! Humph! >:|