Monday, November 17, 2008

Custom Mid-Century Doors

David and Christiane Erwin the owners of Crestview Doors began the renovation of their mid-century home in 2005. They looked for a solid-wood door that would compliment the vintage aesthetic they were trying to recreate. The design they wanted was on the house across the street, and on the home around the corner, but nowhere online or in any showroom.

It seemed that the doors of the 50's were everywhere in the Brentwood and Crestview neighborhoods of Austin, Texas. But they were disappearing quickly as the 50-year-old homes succumbed to the heat, lack of care, or to remodeling.

David went to a neighbor's house on Pasadena Avenue and measured their door in order to create a reproduction. Once built and installed, countless strangers knocked on the door of the Erwin House and asked where the door came from. David realized that the he and Christiane weren't the only ones looking for a Crestview door.

Crestview Doors is pleased to offer a range of solid-wood doors based on the timeless designs of the American mid-century masters.


Gina Perry said...

Ooooh...drooling over these doors! I would have no clue where to get a door like this in new england. I'll put it in my dream renovation file for the future!

trevor said...

Oh yeah, love these! I see them in Atomic Ranch and wish I had a house to buy one for. Although my door to my loft is pretty cool with an old mail slot.

Other cool ads from Atomic Ranch are

MoModerne said...

Wow! I haven't seen that one yet! Very very cool!

Mer said...

I am the proud owner of a Pasadena Crestview door (we're one of the Erwin's twelve) and it is the bomb! David and Christiane have done a great service to mid-century remodelers in sunny Austin, Texas and beyond (they ship). With exceptional craftmanship and original style, these doors can't be beat! Only a Jenn Ski original painting would make our ranch home complete!