Sunday, November 16, 2008


Pam over at, who I originally met on Craigslist has just launched online sales of The Dishmaster – a circa 1948 kitchen faucet.

About The Dishmaster
I love this product, its authentic retro style and "Dishmaster Living." What is Dishmaster Living? Slow down. Cook up a storm. Make a happy mess in your kitchen – then have some more fun cleaning up. Yes – the Dishmaster's circa-1948 faucet makes washing the dishes fun via the "Push Button Dishwashing" action of the special aerator brush wand – which dispenses soapy sudsy water and rinses clean, too. Feel good about use of precious resources as well: The Dishmaster conserves water, energy and detergent. And, it's Made in America, by a small company right in Indiana.

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Cherie said...

Looks like Debbie Reynolds really likes it too!!