Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Readers I need some help

I have a bit of a long driveway that looks kind of sad where it meets the curb, so I want to put up a modern stone structure at the entrance that matches the style of the house. I've been looking everywhere, but I can't seem to find any pictures out there of anything I like. I want the structure to also incorporate lighting and a mailbox. If anyone has any pictures that might help please send them my way!


troy. said...

Check out the outdoor lights over at Vermont Eco Builder.

And I'm sure you've seen ModFruGal's DIY take on the modern mailbox.

Also like Jason Hammond's custom built mailbox over at From The Ground Up.

Moose said...

How about some solar address lights?!
Here in Colorado they are a big thing!!!
Tail Wags & good luck,

John Coulter said...

This place has some cool ones:

I think the Contempo - Rural or Contempo - Zincalume
would be perfect.

See pic:

John Coulter said...

This is pretty cool too, just add a cool MCM light on top:

offsettryk said...

This guy rocks! Some of the homes are more traditional, but his ideas about paths and thresholds are amazing. Good luck, love your blog.