Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Installing blinds

I previously mentioned that I was getting roller shades from Blinds.com to fit my strange, large windows. Well, they've arrived!

When my husband and I are doing any kind of home improvement, there is usually some amount of frustration and hours of wasted time trying to figure out how to complete the project. For once, that didn't happen: the blinds literally went up with just four screws! Blinds.com customer service guided my husband through the measuring process and custom-made the blinds to fit perfectly inside the window box. All you need to install them is an electric screwdriver.

They look really, really good. They give just the right amount of privacy and protection from the sun, while still being able to see outside. It's really crazy how good they make the room look! Stay tuned for an upcoming before-and-after pictorial!

Thanks to the nice folks at Blinds.com for sponsoring this project!


KeLLy aNN said...

Those look really nice.
I've book marked the site for when we are ready to remodel.

katie said...

they look wonderful! we just recently moved into a 1950s rancher, and it has strange, large windows too. i love them, but i've been going crazy trying to figure out window coverings for them! i'll have to check out blinds.com now. thanks so much!



Damn! Awesome.

Man, I need them to sponsor some blinds in my house. I think my neighbors may be tired of glimpsing us prancing around in our undies.

Amy said...

Laughing at brick house's comment.

The shades look great on those enviable windows!