Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Platform bed

We are full of ideas, but actually making it is the scary part. A while back I mentioned a sideboard project we'd designed. Sadly that hasn't come to be. My husband is a bit of a perfectionist and he hasn't yet figured out how to get a nice, even finish without an expensive sprayer... We are new to this furniture-making thing!

OK, so a bed. We really need a bed (and no paint finish problems to worry about!) I showed him some beds I liked and we decided on something simple and strong. We started buying the wood for the inside structure, I'll keep you all updated on our progress.


Carole said...

I made a bed once and used a slab of plywood under the mattress, kind of like it looks like you are planning to do. I strongly advise you to think about ventilation. If there is no air flow to the bottom of the mattress, you may have a mold problem. Slats or perforations in the board will help. The next one I did I used slats and did not have the same problem. It looks nice, good luck witht the project!

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