Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Office progression

This horrible thing above was my old storage closet for my business supplies, etc. It originally had 3 large sliding doors that I eventually took off. It was all stained dark brown so I started painting it, but then I felt like it was a waste of my time painting this ugly thing. It was like this for so long! Then back in January I went a bit crazy and starting destroying it! That thing was built like a rock, but my husband and I killed it! GRRR!

Then we moved on to the walls. So many people might be mad at me for tearing down the pecky cyprus paneling, but it made me so unhappy. We live in the woods and we get a mouse every so often and I would sometimes hear one crawling in there. Yuck! The paneling was riddled with masonry nails. If you don't know what those are imagine pulling out 100 mini swords in stone. That took us a month to finally complete.

Then the plastering... I'm all for doing it yourself, but the plaster I bought at Lowes was so thick. I had such a hard time. After 2 months of working in this room I just lost that energy, so I surrendered and called a professional. In a week it was done!

MMM smooth. In this picture we are putting up the vintage dome light that used to be in the dinning room. The walls arn't painted just yet. The plaster on the walls is very similar to the paint color I chose. I actually really liked the plaster color and found paint that was a close match.

Painted walls, new window frame, and new blinds. I can't believe how good it's all looking! It's about one more week until the cabinetry will be delivered and installed. Yipeee!


alis said...

I just had a very similar relieving experience too. I had something like that in my entryway until like 3 weeks ago. It was the tallest, ugliest, dumbest warderobe-ish shoe cabinet like thing ever. It was also painted with goopy oil based paint, so painting it was never an option. Our building caretaker ripped that thing apart and it was nailed to the wall with gigantic nails. It had really bad craftsmanship too, there were no screws, only big nails. After it was gone I was missing tiles on the floor, moulding on the ceiling and half the trim of a door, also I was surprised by nasty dirty wallpaper from the 80s. New replacement tiles are slightly different and I'm still waiting for the door trim but it was SO worth it. Now I like to stand and admire the smooth, clean, white wall and the open space :)

MoonDoggie said...

I just KNOW your office is going to look A-mazing. Looking forward to seeing it :)

Carolyn said...

Man, that is going to be one rocking office. Congrats!!