Saturday, April 9, 2011

DNA results: Who am I?

Weeks ago I spit into a tube and mailed it off to 23 and me. It's a DNA testing service providing information and tools for consumers to learn about and explore their DNA

Yup thats my map above through my maternal line. The haplogroup I belong to is seen in British and Scandinavian populations. Hmm, interesting...

History on my Haplogroup
By 4,000 years ago an offshoot of J1c2, known as J1c2-16192, had made it all the way to the western edge of Europe, becoming entrenched among the Celtic-speakers of the British Isles. But even that wasn't the end of the journey. Beginning in the 8th century AD, Viking raiders who regularly pillaged coastal Britain and Ireland often sailed back home with Celtic women aboard. Some of those women carried J1c2-16192, so that today there are Norwegians and even Icelanders with the far-flung J haplogroup.

I also got other cool info like drug response and traits.

-non-verbal IQ performance averaged three points higher (thats cool)
-I'm a slow metabolizer of caffeine
-I can taste bitter
-higher sensitivity to pain
-typical odds of heroin addiction (good to

And they scare the crap out of you and tell you all the horrible things you're at risk for, other than that it was really fun looking at all the info.


anamanzana said...

So....would you recommend it? Did you also get information on your paternal side?
And....just how much spit is required? I am not a good spitter.

Jenn Ski said...

you need like a blood vile size amount of spit. They tell you to rub your cheeks to make more spit.

Because i'm a woman I have no info on my dads side, only men carry both.

If you really want to go for it!

Sarah Pecorino said...

Very wicked cool. I like all the odd stuff it told you. Good to know about the Heroin thing. Another reason to stay away from the stuff ;)