Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring is in the air

I have made an appearance outside everyday this past week mostly racking, and leaf blowing. My house has no back yard, just boulders and trees. It's impossible to keep up with all these leaves. The picture below is of the back patio outside the bedroom door.
I need a team of gardeners stat! lol


design elements said...

such a good name: Jenn Ski! I'm jet ski addicted :-)

Tim said...

I feel your pain. I live in Texas in a home from the 1960s that has tons of trees and the leaves have not stopped this year. Plus we're in a drought so there's no rain to make them decompose.
I've had some success with irises in those shady spots. They tend to be stiff enough to create some buffering for the leaves to stack up against, easing cleanup.

Eric said...

You should see our backyard. It's quite scary. Hopefully one day we can have someone clear it out for us. Sadly that one day is going to cost thousands of dollars though just to clear it.