Monday, March 19, 2012

The details

I've had many people ask me about my cabinets. "Where did I get them?"

Well, these are not store bought modules, they were designed by me, and then I had a local cabinet shop build them for me. It was so awesome seeing my ideas being built before my eyes, I think there is video of me dancing somewhere...

I didn't aways have a plan of going local. My first thought was to check out California Closets, but after going to one of their showrooms I realized they make their cabinets out of particle board - a fact that's not apparent from looking at their prices: they're expensive! So after that, I started calling local companies and they offered to make my cabinets with higher quality materials (furniture-grade plywood) at more reasonable prices. Going local surprisingly got me exactly what i wanted for the right price. For anyone who lives in NH/MA the company I went with was Alosso Custom Carpentry, they are located in Manchester, NH. They mostly do traditional stuff, but they had no problem building what I wanted.

What are they made of?

I've had a lot of particle board items in my life and the stuff just isn't made for long-time use. All of my particle board items eventually start to sag and I really didn't want a saggy office. So I got my cabinets made out of furniture-grade plywood. It's a higher-quality plywood than you usually find at the home center, with higher quality veneers and less voids between them. These suckers will never disintegrate or sag! They are spray painted with a really nice smooth white lacquer finish. Super happy with the results!


Anonymous said...

nice cabinets...really like them. Wish I lived closer to your local source. Local artisans are always a good choice.

Niskayuna NY

Kate Brown said...

I live in Hampton, wonder if they would make me a set just like that.... would you mind? They look just perfect!

Jenn Ski said...

hey kate

i'm sure they could do what ever you want. tell them I sent you.