Saturday, October 26, 2013

Red Flash - I knew I recognized this design: Eley Kishimoto

Pleated retro dress from Forever 21 

Flash Pattern wallpaper by Eley Kishimoto

Eley for Clarks

Eley Kishimoto is a partnership between Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto. In the mid 1990's they created their first womeanswear collection. The company also puts their prints on home decor products like wallpaper and furnishing fabrics.

When I first saw this pattern floating around online ages ago I thought it was much older. I guess I can see a pop 90's reference but when it's in the red and cream it gives off a mid-century vibe, which I LOVE. 

So today I see this dress on Forever 21's website and I know I've see in before. I have heard of F21 taking ideas which stinks but on the bright side I guess we all learned a little bit about the actual designers today. Giving credit where credit is due. 

Below are more wallpaper designs.

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Rebecca N. said...

You have an eagle eye for pattern! I don't think it's worth giving Forever 21 a free pass on this, with their hypocritical Christian ownership that is totally okay with stealing artists' work and cutting its employees' hours to avoid offering healthcare benefits. But kudos to Clarks for actually working with an artist to license work!