Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tile backsplash

Ok, so I have white floors and now a white counter top in my new kitchen and it's looking a bit stark. So the dilemma now is where to add more texture, so when I stuck in some left over wallpaper under the cabinets my brain was like yessss! I even debated actually using it cause I loved it so much, but wallpaper in a kitchen doesn't seem like a very good idea. 

So I'm thinking of picking up some of the sandy brown from the marble floor and put in a backsplash. I really like this tile design and it even reminds me a bit of the wallpaper in the hallway. 

Tomorrow I'm going down to the store that sells this glass tile and see what it looks like in person. Originally I wasn't going to go with any tile and if I did it would have been something simple and light gray but things changed once everything was installed.

For those who love a colorful kitchens, sorry. Sure I could slap in some colorful tile, but I really like permanent fixtures to be neutral, especially in this house. As for accessories thats a different story. If I ever want to refresh the kitchen in 10 years I could with a new coat of paint, a rug or some fun colorful canisters. Whenever I see kitchens with "a lot" of personality I tend to not like them and that can be said with boring white kitchens too. 


Matthew Saunders said...

Looks fantastic, and that backsplash in blue or even an rusty/orangey kind of thing. And may I ask whom you used for your kitchen installation?

Jenn Ski said...

Mathew I went with Granite State Cabinetry