Saturday, February 1, 2014

Installing tile with adhesive sheets

In my last post I talked about using adhsive sheets to install my glass tiles. We ended up going with a different brand called Simplemat because it was the only one available at HomeDepot. Our Lowes used to carry Bondera, but i guess it's something you need to order now.

I shot a short video to show you how it works.
Using adhesive sheets to install tile backsplash from Jenn Ski on Vimeo.

Simplemat sheet

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Kate B said...

I'd never heard of this product before...very cool. It would be perfect for putting in mosaic tiles, since you have to be so careful that you don't put the thin set mortar on too thick or you can accidentally "grout" your tiles as you are sticking them onto your floor or wall. Thanks for the how to!