Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kitchen updates

It's really awesome having a handyman husband at your disposal. We have completed little projects here and there, but the kitchen as a whole is far from finished. Above is the cutting board my husband made for the sink. I wish I had pictures of his process but he made this in secret out in the garage. From his description he glued pieces of walnut together with clamps, sanded it and rubbed on butcher block butter (mineral oil and bee's wax). It's got strips of wood underneath to keep it in place, I love it!

Palms Backsplash Color: Sand
So the kitchen is slow going but we did buy a tile saw and a glass cutting blade for the back splash. Since big projects scare us we were happy when we saw a product called Bondera, it's a tile adhesive that comes in a roll or sheets. The reviews are good IF you have a smooth walls. Not sure if our walls are that smooth, but I think we are gonna give this a try since it's so easy. Cheaper no, but soo much easier.

We did order about 10% more tiles than we needed incase we broke anything. I gotta say for our first time tiling this shape is a bit tricky. From the directions we got (which seemed a bit to simple for my liking), you can see you get a lot of waste pieces in order to get a flat edge on the bottom or top. Why is it waste? Because some pieces chip in that area. I think we will still manage to use the chipped sections right under the cabinets where it's hard to see. Hopefully by Monday I will have a section up and grouted. Wish me luck!

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