Thursday, January 9, 2014

Laundry room progress - Make a list

I do love starting projects but it's so hard for me to finish them. They do get done, but over a 2 year period, lol. The bigger the project the harder it is to stay on track. The whole kitchen needs little fixes here and there and it's gotten so overwhelming.

The other day I made a long list of EVERYTHING needed to get my kitchen completely finished. The first area on the list is the laundry space. I had some left over cork from my office and left over floating shelves from my entry project. I'm so lucky these shelves fit and that I saved all the extra cork.

From the picture above it looks like things are glued and secure, but it's all an illusion. The cork still needs to be trimmed and glued and I still need to attach the white shelves. Hope to get this all done by next week.

Laundry area

cut cork

glue cork

Lowes spacers for outlets

wood bracket for white floating shelves over small sink


Leigh-Ann said...

Lookin good!!

Kate B said...

Looking great! I know how overwhelming these large projects can be! When I was doing my retro pink bathroom remodel, I started with a list that was 6 pages long! Everything from figuring out needed quantities to shopping for materials, to getting them home, to installing them was all on there. I would revise it as I went. I knew I was almost done when there were a mere three things left on the list! You can do it Jenn!!!

Jenn Ski said...

Thanks everyone!

@Kate B it's all those small things that add up. It's crazy!

Kristin said...

Looking good. I'd love to know more about the cork, what product you bought and how to install it.

Jenn Ski said...


My husband bought a large roll of it online, but it wasn't thick enough, so we used contact cement to stick two pieces together. (used a small roller)

Then cut it with an exacto blade to the exact size of the wall.

Using carpet adhesive we spread that onto the wall with a metal trowel and stuck on the cork. Holding it in place for a bit.

Laundry Shoppe said...

I bet you are loving that new countertop. What a wonderful transformation.

modfrugal said...

I feel you! It looks wonderful so far - I think the cork is genius!